Searching for the ideal education:

Hayama International School was established in October 2004 and is located in the western part of Yokosuka city (South of Hayama). We have been providing all-English educational programs to children for over 17 years.

Hayama International School provides a serene and natural setting that is sure to inspire your child or children. The seaside flanks the school on the west side while majestic mountains can be viewed from the east. Mount Fuji peeks out occasionally on clear days and can be seen from every classroom! This natural scenery creates an encouraging environment conducive to learning, and it helps to solidify our school’s mission:

“Play, Think, and Learn”

The school’s main focus is to instill in our students the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to become productive members of the culturally diverse, international community. We accomplish this goal through a primarily English language curriculum that stresses creative as well as fun activities throughout the school day. Our talented faculty understands the importance of teaching basic life skills and promoting an inviting learning environment so that children can explore their individual ideas and curiosities.

At Hayama International, we strive to bring out the best in our students. We understand that in order to accomplish this we must employ only the best faculty and support staff. Each of our dedicated and highly motivated teachers and staff possesses the appropriate teaching experience, educational background, nurturing attitude, and playful disposition that enable our students to learn acceptance and empathy for different cultures, to welcome people with different personalities, and to seek out new and exciting experiences. Our mission is not limited solely to educating those of our children currently residing in Japan.