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About us

We designed our program to aim for comprehensive
human education following the school philosophy
of “Play, Think and Learn”.

Through our curriculum, children will naturally learn the
importance of autonomy and will be lead to self directed
learning. They will be able to further develop imagination
and explore new concepts and ideas.

We have a perfect environment in which children can widen their
global perspective. Hayama International School celebrates
diversity and welcomes children from various countries and backgrounds.

We use English as the common language in classes of all levels. This is an excellent opportunity for children from non-English speaking families to promote English language learning.


At Hayama International, we strive to bring out the best in our students.

The school’s main focus is to instill in our students the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to become productive members of the culturally diverse, international community.

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Our motto is simple: Children develop best when they age given the opportunity to explore new concepts and ideas in an environment that stresses creativity first and then builds upon this creative foundation to gradually incorporate a more structured academic curriculum.

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The Hayama International School provides a serene and natural setting that is sure to inspire your child or children.

The seaside flanks the school on the west side while majestic mountains can be viewed from the east.

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Safety and good health are paramount concerns at Hayama International. To this end, we currently have two consulting physicians on call.

They routinely visit the school to monitor and assess the general health of the children, as well as the safety and hygiene of our facility.

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We opened the school at Kotsubo, Zushi city but due to the quick growth of our student body, moved to South Hayama (Akiya). Our hope was to create an optimal learning environment.

With the ocean, a view of Mt. Fuji on the horizon, and hills on either side of the school, our students can learn in a beautiful and stimulating environment.

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Hayama International School offers four-year education from age of two through five years old. The classes are:

Pre-School starting from two years old
Pre-Kindergarten starting from three years old
Junior-Kindergarten starting from four years old
Senior-Kindergarten starting from five years old

At this time of age, children will learn and develop in different ways and there are things one child can do but another child cannot do. However, it does not mean that one child is behind in development.

In order to observe and understand that each child learns and develops in his or her own way, we established four different classes (two years in Pre-School/Pre-Kinder and another two years in Junior/Senior-Kinder) to encourage and allow each child to improve in an individual building speed.


In the preschool, your child will mostly likely be away from the family for the first time, and we take this opportunity to introduce your child to personal responsibility.

Autonomy is an integral part of our program and we strive to make this transition comfortable for both the child and the parents.

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Once the children finish their first year of preschool, they are ready for new challenges and stimulation.

This year will introduce for the first time a mild focus on academic performance, which will prepare them for the Junior and Senior Kindergarten years.

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Not only do we provide the necessary academic tools like math, reading, writing, and science, but we mentally and emotionally prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. Social development is essential to a child’s overall success in school and in life.

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By this age, the children can start to reason, understand consequences, and predict outcomes for the first time.

This is why we find it so important to spend time correcting behavior, teaching values, and guiding the children in their self expression.

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5 Day Trial
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