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Welcome to Hayama International School Spring School 2023!!

Spring School 2023 has concluded.


Session 1: March 20th〜March 24th(5 days, Monday to Friday)
Session 2: March 27th〜March 31st(5 days, Monday to Friday)

Time : 9:00am - 3:00pm (Drop-off: 9am-9:30am, Pick-up: 2:30pm-3pm)

9:00-9:30 Arrival
9:30-10:00 Welcome and Morning Activities
10:00-10:30 Morning Assembly
10:30-12:00 Indoor or Outdoor Activities for the day, Imaginative Arts ↦ Crafts
12:00-13:00 Lunch & Afternoon Recess
13:00-14:00 Indoor or Outdoor Activities for the day
14:00-14:30 Story time
14:30-15:00 Dismissal

Age : 3 years old (36 months) 〜 7 years old


Session 1 - Who am I? - Our Individuality(3/20~3/24)

In "Who am I?", we will do various fun activities to get to know ourselves. What kind of person am I? What do I like and what do I not like? How do I feel in these situations? What do I want to do? We will deepen our understanding of ourselves and love ourselves more and more through activities that allow us to express our newfound selves to the fullest! Let's enjoy creating artwork that truly expresses yourself.

*We stop accepting applications.

Session 2 - Who are You? - Our diversity (3/27~3/31)

In "Who am I?", we will do various fun activities to get to know ourselves. What kind of person am I? What do I like and what do I not like? How do I feel in these situations? What do I want to do? We will deepen our understanding of ourselves and love ourselves more and more through activities that allow us to express our newfound selves to the fullest! Let's enjoy creating artwork that truly expresses yourself.

*We stop accepting applications.


What we do in Summer School at here!

- Song / chants / Music
- Vocabulary
- Storybook
- Art
-Water Play at the park
-Rainy day activity



You can order day care service from 8:30am to 9:00am and 3pm to 6pm.
This service is optional and we will charge ¥750 every 30 minutes.
*We do not have daycare after 6:30pm.

Daycare Times
Early Care : 8:30am to 9am
After Care : 3pm to 6:30pm

School Lunch

You can order school lunch.Our school lunch is a healthy, Japanese bento box.
*This is optional.Children may bring their own lunch or order the school lunch.



¥38,000 / session
*This fee includes the session fee, material fees and facility fee.

Lunch (Optional)

¥2,300 / session

*This is optional. Children may bring their own lunch or order the school lunch.

Daycare (Optional)

¥750 / 30分

*This is optional. If you want to order daycare, please write your request details on the application form.
Ex. 3pm to 3:30pm (everyday)


This is the supply list for Shirokane students. Please click and check following supply list.

SUPPLY LIST for Shirokane


Q : If I take more than one session will my child still enjoy it?
A:Each session includes craft making, singing songs, story books, fun worksheets and game activities based on the theme. You can take more than one session and enjoy different crafts, stories, songs and fun activities related to the weekly theme.
Q : How are the student classes determined?
A:It is based on the date of birth of the child. Each class has a maximum of 13 to 18 students.
Q:My child cannot speak English very well, will he/she be okay?
A:Please be assured that we are preparing programs that are fun for students from native English to beginner-level students. In addition, we have Japanese staff in case of emergency, so we will support your child.
Q:What is the school lunch like?
A:At Shirokane School, we have ordered a nutritionist supervised lunch box for infants. The lunchbox is a nutritious lunch with rice, main dish and side dishes. Lunch is available on a weekly basis. Please note that due to the order, lunch cannot be canceled once you have applied.
Q : What happens in the event of a disaster?
A:In the event of a disaster, we will wait at the school if the school is safe. If we find it difficult to stay in the school, we will evacuate safely and promptly to Minato District Children's Amusement Acorn Park. Then, under the guidance of the government and local governments, we will move to the second evacuation destination, Ikiiki Plaza. Depending on the disaster situation, the government may evacuate to another safe area at the direction of the government, but we assure that all staff will do their best to protect the children.
Q : What happens if someone gets injured?
A:At our school, the staff takes the utmost care to prevent any injuries or accidents.
・ For minor injuries such as abrasions, first aid for disinfection will be provided, but in the case of injuries that the school cannot judge, we will contact the guardian by telephone and come pick up the student.
・ If it is an emergency, an ambulance or school staff will take the child to the hospital, and parents/guardians should immediately come to the hospital.
In the event of an accident or injury, we will contact the guardian by telephone (injuries that require immediate attention), accident reports (visual bruises, bruises, injuries near vital points), and bus reports (schools). Small injuries or accidents that occur: small abrasions and cuts occur frequently in daily life, and parents may not be contacted due to the size of the injury or accident and the condition of the student. If your child is injured without contact, please contact the school. Please note that dealing with all bruises and scratches is very difficult.
Q : What measures are HIS taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
A:Our school will take the following measures until the situation subsides:
1. Our teachers and staff will wear masks when deemed necessary.
2. Conduct thorough disinfection and ventilation of the school buildings and classrooms.
3. Thorough hand washing of students and staff upon arrival at school (students will disinfect their hands with alcohol upon arrival at school, so please inform the office if your child has an alcohol allergy).
4. Use paper towels
5. Students and staff with fevers or cold-like symptoms will be asked to refrain from coming to school.

Requests for our parents and guardians:
・Please check your child’s fever every morning and evening and record it on the temperature sheet that will be provided on the first day of the session. Please send it to school each morning in your child’s blue folder.
・Have your child(ren) wash their hands and gargle thoroughly upon returning home from school. ・If you child has a fever, cough, runny nose, or any other cold or flu-like symptoms, they may not come to school.
・If you child(ren) will be absent from school due to fever or cold-like symptoms, please notify our office of their absence with details of their symptoms by email.
・If your child(ren) or any family members, relatives, etc. contract COVID-19, please contact your health center immediately and follow their instructions. If you receive instructions to isolate at home, do not send your child to school, and inform the school immediately.

We will continue to monitor the announcements made by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and experts, and work to ensure the safety of our students, families, and staff until the situation returns to normal. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
**Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Homepage


1.Please send us your application by clicking . After applying, an automatic reply will be sent.
*If you do not receive an email, please send us email directly..(shirokane@hayama-international.co.jp)

2. Please make a payment by a credit card or bank transfer.

3. 1 Application, 2 Transfer of Tuition & Extend Stay fee are received, we will send you a final confirmation email from the school and the application procedure will be completed.

Deadline for application

Session 1 : By 12am Friday, March 17th
Session 2 : By 12am Friday, March 24th

*The deadline for applications is stated above. After the above date, please email the school office for availability. Email the following email address with your child(ren)'s name, date of birth, gender, sessions applying for, and if you will require daycare services, please include the times you wish to reserve. (Please submit information for each child if applying for more than one child). shirokane@hayama-international.co.jp
Caution: We will not accept lunch orders after the deadline above.
*Depending on the session, a class may soon reach capacity. As soon as we reach the capacity, we will terminate the reception of that session, so please confirm to the school in advance when you want to apply.
*Before session 1, we will have summer vacation for a week. If you have some questions, we will send you email from March 17th.


Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card. An invoice will be sent by an email within 7 days after applying summer school program.
*Your order will be automatically canceled if we don't receive any order confirmation from you by the due date.

Bank Account :
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
Zushi Branch
Checking Account: 0158018

    Student Information

    Child's First Name 

    Child's Last Name 

    *If your child has a middle name, please put a hyphen (-) without using a space. Ex) First name-Middle name.

    Child’s Birthday

    Blood Type










    Street Address

    Name of School Attending



    Allergy content

    Medical history

    Medication Needed

    Is this your first time to come to Hayama International School?


    Family Information (Emergency)

    Full Name of Guardian1


    Guardian1/Date of Birth


    Guardian1/Mobile E-Mail


    Full Name of Guardian2


    Guardian2/Date of Birth


    Guardian2/Mobile E-Mail


    Payment Option

    Bank transferCredit card
    ※Please write one email address to receive the invoice.
    Please be aware that mobile phone email addresses will not be accepted.

    Class Schedule

    Please choose the session you want to apply.

    Session1: 3/20~3/24'Who am I?'

    *We stop accepting applications.



    School Lunch

    No needNeed(+¥2,300)


    Not WishWish

    Please fill in the desired day and time of day care.

    ※This amount is not added to the total price.
    Payment will be charged separately.

    Session2: 3/27~3/31'Who are you?'

    *We stop accepting applications.



    School Lunch

    No needNeed(+¥2,300)


    Not WishWish

    Please fill in the desired day and time of day care.

    ※This amount is not added to the total price.
    Payment will be charged separately.

    Remarks If you have any questions, please fill in here.

    Amount Payable


    English Level Check

    My child attends/has attends an

    International SchoolESL Afterschool Program. ex:EikaiwaMy child does not attend an international school or English language program.


    My child can

    ReadWriteSpeak English


    ※How have you found us? (You can choose multiple)

    1.Facebook2.Instagram3. Flyer4.HP5. Search Engin6.school bus7. Introduction8.Other

    If you choose Other, please write how you find us.

    School Waivers & Agreements

    With the exception of the “Photograph & Video Release”, all waivers & agreements MUST be signed/initialed in order for this application to be processed. No changes to the waivers & agreements will be accepted.

    Other Fees

    Parents need to pick-up their child on time at 3:00. There might be a late pick-up according to the supervisor on duty that evening, you will be expected to give that supervisor payment before leaving. If you are later than 90 minutes picking up your child(ren), we are required by law to call child protective services.

    In case of Emergency

    I understand every effort will be made to contact the parents/guardian or listed emergency contacts in case of an emergency. In the event I cannot be reached, I hereby give permission for my child to be transported to the nearest medical facility. I also understand that I will be responsible for payments of any medical expenses incurred on my child’s behalf and that Hayama International School does not have funds available for payments of medical treatment for my child.


    I understand that Hayama International School assumes no responsibility for injuries or illnesses which my child may sustain as a result of my child’s physical condition resulting from participation in any session activities, athletic activities, sports programs, the use of any equipment, exercise or other activities. I expressly acknowledge on behalf of myself and my heirs that I assume the risk for any and all injuries and illnesses, which may result from participation in these session activities. I hereby release and discharge Hayama International School, its agents, servants and employees from any and all claims for injury, illness, death, loss or damage, which my child may suffer as a result of my child’s participation in these activities. I understand that Hayama International School is not responsible for personal property lost or stolen while members and/or program participants are using Hayama International School facilities or on Hayama International School premises. I acknowledge the WAIVER set forth above.

    Photograph and Video Release

    I hereby agree to grant my full and irrevocable consent to release any photographs and/or video footage to Hayama International School, for online album and art purposes in any medium publication or publicity, alone or in conjunction with the photographs or video footage of other persons objects or text material, and either with or without my name accompanying quotation.


    The cancellation policy is as follows. We require a 21 days notice prior to the start of the session, otherwise you will be charged the percentage below.

    21 days prior to the start of the session: 0% (full refund)

    20 to 16 days prior to the start of the session: 30%

    15 to 11 days prior to the start of the session: 50%

    10 days prior to the start of the session: 100%

    We will not accept cancellations or any changes once the session starts.

    *The office opens 9am to 6pm. If you wish to contact the school after 6:00pm on weekdays or Saturday and Sunday, email (shirokane@hayama-international.co.jp)

    *Bank transfer fee is paid by the applicant.

    ※Confirmation page would not appear.Please check once again before you click send button.



    You can see your child's group picture from here.
    Please choose your child's session and class. Also you can get password from school letter.

    Session 1 - Who am I?

    Group A

    Group B

    Session 2 - Who are you?

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C