Welcome to Hayama International School Summer School 2024!!

Summer School 2024's Theme is "Young Heroes Saving the Earth!"

Do you know the problems our planet faces? Thay are happening everywhere, one after another! Can you hear the call for help? Superheroes are not just in movies. You are the ones shaping the futer!

This summer, young heroes will be born at Hayama International School.

Let's learn about Earth's challengies with new friends and brainstorm solutions. Join us on an adventure to explore our potential through games and activities!

※Nuts Free


Session 1: July 22nd〜July 26th (5 days, Monday to Friday) Session 2: July 29th〜August 2nd(5 days, Monday to Friday) Session 3: August 5th〜August 9th(5 days, Monday to Friday) Session 4: August 12th〜August 16th(5 days, Monday to Friday)we have school on Monday, August 12th Session 5: August 19th〜August 23rd(5 days, Monday to Friday) Session 6: August 26th〜August 30th(5 days, Monday to Friday) Time:9:00am - 3:00pm (Drop-off: 9am-9:30am, Pick-up: 2:30pm-3pm)
9:00-9:30 Arrival
9:30-10:00 Welcome and Morning Activities
10:00-10:30 Morning Assembly
10:30-12:00 Indoor or Outdoor Activities for the day
12:00-13:00 Lunch & Afternoon Recess
13:00-14:00 Indoor or Outdoor Activities for the day
14:00-14:30 Story time
14:30-15:00 Dismissal
Age:3years old (36month) 〜 12 years old

For students who will use the school bus, we will call you about the bus schedule within 2days before the beginning of session.

If your child goes back home without being picked up by a parent or guardian after getting off the afternoon bus, please let us know by email in advance. *Elementary only For those families who need to drop-off/pick-up without using the school bus, we will have a shuttle bus from and to Shonan International Village parking lot. Please wait for the shuttle bus in the Shonan International Village parking lot at 9:15am/2:55pm. (https://goo.gl/maps/dawUbYphbSUBmatK8)


Session 1 - Protecting Our Oceans (7/22~7/26)

SOS from the ocean depths! Can you hear it? Ever wonder why we buy water despite the abundance in the sea? Let's learn about sea creatures and their chal- lenges. Understand the importance of the ocean and sate drinking water, and brainstorm ways to protect them!

Session 2 - Sustainable Cities (7/29~8/2)

You ever find yourself throwing away things you don't need? But are they really unusable? And what else can we do besides throwing them away? Let's learn about the importance of recycling and waste management, consider why we should reuse what we discard, and design the cities of the future together!

Session 3 - Protecting Endangered Species (8/5~8/9)

Now, it's an SOS from the natural world! Our planet is home to many creatures. What happens to them if their habitats disappear? And why does this happen? Let's explore the issues happening worldwide and brain. storm together what we can do to protect them!

Session 4 - Global Food Sustainability (8/12~8/16)

Hungry? What's your go-to? Ful stomach? What's next? Food we eat every day is tied to various issues. Saving the Earth could start with our meals. Let's learn about food-related issues, explore solutions, and take action todav!

Session 5 - Friends (Love & Piece)(8/19~8/23)

Uh oh! Adults worldwide are lost in hate and sorrow! We've all had squabbles with friends, right? How do we reconcile? Why can't adults use this magic? Learn- ing together might help them! Let's start this adventure with our new friends. It's time for a great journey!

Session 6 - Sustainable Technology (8/26~8/30)

How were all the convenient things in the world cre- ated? What would happen if something we take for granted disappeared? Let's learn about the experienc- es without everyday things and future technology, and unleash everyone's boundless imagination!


For students who use the school bus, we will call you about the bus schedule in 2days before the session starts. *If your child goes back home without parents after getting off the afternoon bus, please let us know by email in advance.(contact@hayama-international.co.jp)

For those families who need to drop-off/pick-up without using the school bus, we will have a shuttle bus from and to Shonan International Village parking lot. Please wait for the shuttle bus in the Shonan International Village parking lot at 9:15am/2:55pm. (https://goo.gl/maps/dawUbYphbSUBmatK8)



¥23,000 / 1session *This fee includes the session fee, material fees and facility fee.

Lunch (Optional)

¥2,000 (for Kindergarten) / Session ¥2,400 (for Elementary) / Session *This is optional. Children may bring their own lunch or order the school lunch. *If your child has any food allergy, we cannot accept the school lunch order.

School Bus (Optional)

¥2,500  / Session Please check your bus area.


¥1,000 / 1hr *If you sign up for the daycare program, we ask that a parent or guardian pick up your child directly from the school. Bus services will not be provided during daycare hours.


This is supply list for Hayama students. Please click and check following supply list.

Supply List


Q:If I take more than one session will my child still enjoy it?
A:Each session includes craft making, singing songs, story books, fun worksheets and game activities based on the theme. You can take more than one session and enjoy different crafts, stories, songs and fun activities related to the weekly theme.
Q:How are the classes divided?
A:Classes are based on the child's date of birth with 12 to 18 students per class.
Q:Can my child be in the same class as my child’s friends?
A:As a general policy, we do not accept requests regarding class assignments. We believe it is important for students to adapt to their new surroundings and cultivate new friendships. Requests based on special circumstances may be considered but cannot be guaranteed. Any such requests must be noted by the respective parents in the remarks section of the application. Please be advised that in cases where students are in different grade levels, they will be placed in the class corresponding to the lower grade.
Q:Can you pick my child(ren) up near my house?
A:The bus route will be decided in consideration to the children's residence to participate in each session, so it may not be possible to meet your request. Most often you will meet at the nearest station or large street. Please understand this beforehand. In addition, we will contact you on Thursday or Friday of the week before the start of the session regarding the boarding place and time of the bus.
Q:My child(ren) can't speak English at all, is that OK?
A:Our summer program is created for many students of different levels to participate, so even if you do not have summer school experience, it is okay.
Q:Can I order a school lunch?
A:For lunch at our school, we ask a nearby lunchbox maker. It consists of usual food in a Japanese lunchbox, like rice and side dishes. There is no menu to choose from for the school lunch. Lunch will be ordered weekly and cannot be canceled. In principle, we do not accept school lunch orders for child(ren) with food allergies.
Q:What happens in the event of a disaster?
A:In the event of a disaster, our school is instructed by the fire department to wait at the school if there is no problem with the building. Depending on the disaster situation, we may have to evacuate to an evacuation site (Shonan Kokusai Muranishi Park) and be picked up. However, please be aware that the evacuation area may change depending on the situation at the time, with the student's safety taken first. In the event of a disaster, school bus operations will be canceled. In that case, we will do our best to protect the students until the parents come to pick them up. In the event of a disaster, information will be provided on Twitter (Twitter ID: hayamainter). Please check at each home.
Q:What happens if someone gets injured?
A:At our school, the staff takes great care to prevent any injuries or accidents, but in the unlikely event of an accident, we will take the following measures. ・ For minor injuries such as abrasions, we will provide first aid for disinfection, but in the case of injuries that can not be judged at the school, we will call parents to have the child picked up. ・ If an emergency is required, we will take the patient in an ambulance or school staff will transport the child to a hospital and have the guardian come to the hospital immediately. In the event of an accident or injury, we will contact the parents by telephone (injuries that require immediate attention), accident reports (large visible injuries, bruises, injuries near vital points), and bus reports (at school). ・ For small injuries and accidents that occur: small abrasions and cuts often occur in daily life, and parents may not be contacted due to the size of the injury or accident and the condition of the student. If your child is injured without contact, please contact the school. Please note that dealing with all bruises and scratches is very difficult.
Requests for our parents and guardians:
1. Have your child(ren) wash their hands and gargle thoroughly upon returning home from school 2. If your child(ren) has a fever (over 99.5), or any other cold or symptoms, they may not come to school. Please keep them at home until they are in good health. 3. If your child(ren) will be absent from school, please notify our office of their absence with details by email.


1.Please send us your application by clicking . After applying, an automatic reply will be sent. *If you do not receive an email, please send us email directly. (contact@hayama-international.co.jp) 2.Please make a payment by a credit card or bank transfer. 3.1 Application, 2 Transfer of Tuition & Extend Stay fee are received, we will send you a final confirmation email from the school and the application procedure will be completed. Deadline for application Session 1 : By 12pm Wednesday, July 10th Session 2 : By 12pm Wednesday, July 24th Session 3 : By 12pm Wednesday, July 31st Session 4 : By 12pm Wednesday, August 7th Session 5 : By 12pm Wednesday, August 14th Session 6 : By 12pm Wednesday, August 21st *Depending on the session a class may soon reach capacity. As soon as we reach the capacity, we will terminate the reception of that session.


Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card. An invoice will be sent by an email within 7 days after applying the program. *Your order will be automatically canceled if we don't receive any order confirmation from you by the due date.




You can see your child's group picture from here. Please choose your child's session and class. Also you can get password from school letter. The Picture is available until September 30th, 2024.

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