No. 04

My Hayama experience helped me to be
more confident and share more of who I am.

Elena Inoue

After graduation, Canadian International School →University of the Arts London

Through Hayama International School, many students have nurtured international perspectives,
and are spreading into different paths.
Here are some of the students.

Q1.How were the days at Hayama?
Elena:Out of all the memories I’ve made in Hayama, one of the most memorable ones that still stays with me till this day is attending the Oregon summer school program.
Q2. Why was the Oregon summer camp so memorable for you?
Elena: Why Oregon holds the biggest significance for me till this day while my stay in Hayama is because Oregon allowed me to expand my comfortability with people in general and
traveling has leveled up my English skill significantly. I used to be very shy as a kid. At three
years old when I first entered Hayama I wouldn’t speak at all, I couldn’t speak, I wouldn’t
talk, I didn’t like going out as much. But after going to Oregon for my first time at five years
old I started experiencing new things through talking to a new people and overall I got more
comfortable with my English and going there with different people allowed me to be more
comfortable with talking and has allowed me to grow as an individual and as a kid and it was
the beginning point of my English speaking journey and how I wanted to use English in the
Q3. Tell us about your experience at Oregon summer camp.
Elena: I went there for eight times in total and the first time I went there, I was five years old and it was my second year in Hayama. I used to be a very shy, reserved kid and I wouldn’t really go out of my way to speak to people in English or do things that involved a lot of people. But going to Oregon really influenced me to speak a lot of English and going there every year made me comfortable with my English speaking abilities, meeting new people, talking to
people in English, going out of my comfort zone to speak English, experience life somewhere else, and doing things in Oregon that I wasn’t able to do in Japan. Overall the experience I was able to get in Oregon has allowed me to grow as an individual ,
as an English speaker and it allowed me to see the world other than just Japan and made me want to use my English in the future.

Q4. What was your path after you graduated?
Elena: After graduating from Hayama international school I wanted to continue on with my studies in English so I went to high school in Tokyo called canadian international school and I was there from sixth grade to the end of high school and after graduating from that high school I wanted to continue on studying English and learning in an English speaking environment so I decided to apply to an university in London which I currently go to. There I speak English everyday like I did in Hayama and my high school. I’m very happy that I’m able to learn and be in an English speaking environment just like my childhood.
Q5. What was Hayama International School about for you?
Elena : Hayama holds a very special place in my heart. Spending kindergarten to elementary here, most of my childhood memories were made here. Now I’m nineteen and I still visit here every summer whenever I come back from university . Hayama still feels very much like calm, and the people and the place itself is still very welcoming. Overall it’s somewhere I will always concern consider as home.
Q6. What are your future goals?
Elena: My biggest goal for the future is to become a photographer. Ever since going to the Oregon summer school program I discovered the joy of connecting with people and getting to know people on a deeper level and I discovered that photography is one of those things that allowed me to connect with different people which is why I want to be a photographer. Right now I am studying at university of arts London and I’m currently studying documentary photography and I’m hoping to one day become the photographer that I want to become.