No. 03

This place gave me a broader
perspective and self-confidence

Kotaro Okada

After graduation,
Waldorf School(Hawaii)
→Aoba Japan International School(Tokyo)
→Collège du Léman(Switzerland)
→Istituto Marangoni(London)

Through Hayama International School, many students have nurtured international perspectives,
and are spreading into different paths.
Here are some of the students.

Q1..When did you enter Hayama International school?
Kotaro:I decided to move from a Japanese traditional public school to this international school when I was in the second year of elementary school. The reason why I wanted to move to an international school is because I questioned myself what I would be by continuing the education that I will get in the Japanese public school.
I told my parents that I would love to study somewhere more international and flexible, and I saw Hayama international school just passing by and I told my mom that I need to go check out that school, and I came for a visit.
Although Hayama International school is a small community, the flexibility and the opportunity that this school offers, really support the early learners.
Q2. From your experience, what do you think is the most important thing?
Kotaro: In total, I changed my school more than 8 times, and one thing that was common to all the schools, is to understand the diversity of the international people from all around the world. I think this is one of the most important aspects in becoming an adult. Honestly, I really don’t think choosing the school by its quality of studying is that important as it used to be before. I think that learning how to become international and learning how to communicate, and understand the backgrounds of other people is the most important aspect that’ll be needed for our future, and I think that Hayama International School is the best school to start up those perspectives in order to become more international around the world.
Q3. What were your paths after you graduated here?
Kotaro: After I graduated from Hayama International School, I moved to a private school in Hawaii for a few years, and I came back afterwards to an International school in Japan for a year. After that, I decided to go to a boarding school in Switzerland, and it is the fourth year for me now. I think Hayama built my confidence for my English skills. I think most of the Japanese students struggle for their pronunciation in English, but I still remember my teacher in Hayama strictly taught me how to pronounce the difference between R and L. It's just an example, but those important things that Hayama taught me built my confidence to move into more native English speaking countries.

Q4. What was different between schools in Japan and schools in Switzerland?
Kotaro: After I moved to the school in Switzerland in 8th grade, I never thought that I would meet diverse people from all around the world. Some people were really wealthy, poor, and really strict families, religions, and mixed nationalities, and it was really exciting. Honestly, that's the only impression I have.
It was really hard to learn English, something that's completely new, and going to new schools all around the world, and honestly, I would have never been able to do this alone, and most importantly, I would have never been able to do this without my parents. I think this school also teaches you the importance of your family, and I really appreciate the help from my parents
Q5. What do you want to be in the future?
Kotaro : My dream is to become a teacher in an international school. I first thought that way 2 or 3 years ago, thinking about my path, that I changed schools many times, and I met a lot of teachers, bad teachers, great teachers, and respectful teachers. I just thought one day, I want to become a teacher that could be part of students’ lives. I still remember some teachers that took part of my life, and of course, some teachers are from this school. I volunteered to support the teachers for the kindergarten, primary school, and middle school as well. For my University, I am looking forward to go to a university that has a global liberal arts major which also offers a teacher’s licence.