No. 02

Thanks to my experience at Hayama International School
inspired me to become a doctor.

Ryunosuke Seki

After graduation, Yokosuka Gakuin (Attended Hayama's afterschool) →Hiroo Gakuen→Yokohama City University

Through Hayama International School, many students have nurtured international perspectives,
and are spreading into different paths.
Here are some of the students.

Q1.When and why did you enter Hayama International School?
Ryunosuke:used to go to a normal Japanese school, but my parents put me intospring school here, just to try it out, after seeing a poster for it. Then I got really intothis environment such as the freedom here, and how we physically used out body tolearn. So I persuaded my mother, saying that I really want to learn here. At first, mymother wasn't so enthusiastic about that idea,
but I kept saying that I want to come,then eventually my mother let me come here when I was about 5.
Q2. What are you doing right now?
Ryunosuke: I am currently studying at Yokohama City University to become a doctor.
Q3. Why do you want to become a doctor?
Ryunosuke: I first wanted to become a doctor thanks to my experiences here with thescience lessons at Hayama International School. We did many experiments, and Iloved doing those experiments, so I started wanting to be a researcher in the future.After that, I searched for middle schools with strengths in English, which led me toHiroo Gakuen. From the experiences there, I started wanting to help others, whichled me want to become a doctor and help people.

Q4. How did English halp you after you graduated?
Ryunosuke: helped me most when I participated in "DECA". DECA is a business competitionheld in America every year. High schoolers from various countries compete there with theirbusiness plans. About 20 thousand people from all around the world compete in 2 days. Wehad to write a report in English and send it to apply, but my friends weren't used to usingEnglish so they couldn't apply. I was used to English from Hayama, so I could apply withoutany hesitation, so I could enter the competition. DECA has a world-wide scale which we can'texperience here in Japan. People from all over the world who are into business gatheredthere, so it was very memorable, and was one of the few things that have affected my lifegoals.

Q5. Why did you decide to volunteer here?
Ryunosuke : First, an office staff from Hayama contacting me asking if I wanted to volunteerhere at Hayama. I had plans for the upcoming summer, but Hayama International School isan important place for me, and of course the teachers and office staff are so nice, so I waskeen to help if I could, therefore I started volunteering here.
Q6. How was volunteering here?
Ryunosuke: I had always been the one having fun here, but as I started volunteering here, Iwas on the other side, entertaining the kids. I then felt that I really liked children, and that Iwas good at associating with them. Then, I felt that I want to do something related tochildren in the future. I always wanted to be a doctor, and from my experience volunteeringhere, I now want to be a pediatrician.