No. 01

Obtaining an international perspective at a young age.

Kaito Kitakami

Graduated in 2014
Entered in 2005
After graduation,
Hiroo Gakuen→Bocconi University

Through Hayama International School, many students have nurtured international perspectives,
and are spreading into different paths.
Here are some of the students.

Q1.When did you enter Hayama International School?
Kaito: I entered Hayama International School when I just turned 2 years old. My parents both
worked in companies from foreign countries, and they had a hard time learning English when they were older. Therefore, they decided to put me in an international school which was here at Hayama.
Q2. How were the days at Hayama?
Kaito: When I first entered here, I was always crying and wanting to go home; however, after
several weeks here at school, I got used to the circumstances and had fun after I made friends with my classmates.
I remember one time when we were learning biology, we went to the farm close to our school,
and we tried for many days to hatch eggs by keeping them warm. Just like this, we were able to learn by having fun.
Q3. How does Hayama affect you now?
Kaito: The multicultural environment at Hayama has supported me to be bilingual at a young
age, and I believe that the welcoming community at this school is one of the largest components of my growth. I don’t necessarily remember studying at this school, but just having fun in an international community has been the catalyst for the growth of my English
abilities. Also, the multicultural environment at Hayama has furthered my understanding of the world.

Q4. What events do you remember from Hayama?
Kaito: The teachers here are all nice and they create a welcoming environment. They didn’t necessarily make us study, but they made us more intelligent by having fun. Just like the concept of Hayama, [Play, Think, and Learn].
Q5. Why did you decide to volunteer here? How was it?
Kaito: Hayama is the base of myself, and if it were not for Hayama, I wouldn’t have been able to follow the path that I am following now. If I can help my school by volunteering here, I am keen to help, therefore I came to volunteer whenever I had the opportunity. The experiences volunteering here helped me gain ideas about the difficulties of communication which eventually affected my paths after high school.
Q6. What was your path after you graduated?
Kaito: After I graduated from Hayama, I entered Hiroo Gakuen for middle school and High school. After that, I got
accepted by Sophia University but decided not to go, and instead I decided to work at Hayama, because of the COVID-19 circumstances. In the autumn, I am planning to study management at Bocconi University in Italy.