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Admission for School Year

2017-2018 Sep 1, 2017 ~ March 31. 2018

School Hours

No school on Japanese holidays.

Class Size


2 & 3 years old (2nd Birthday ~ 2014.4.1)

Pre Kindergarten

3 & 4 years old (was born 2013.4.1 ~ 2014.3.31)

Junior Kindergarten

4 & 5 Years old (was born 2012.4.1 ~ 2012.3.31)

Senior Kindergarten

5 & 6 Years old (was born 2011.4.1 ~ 2011.3.31)

Tuition & Fees(tax included)
 Entrance FeeTuitionFacility Fee
Senior Kindergarten¥100,000¥1,656,000/Year¥50,000/Year
Junior Kindergarten¥150,000¥1,656,000/Year¥50,000/Year
Pre Kindergarten¥150,000¥1,656,000/Year¥50,000/Year

Included fees in tuition

Material fees, Field trip and School-wide event fees

Excluded fees in tuition

Uniform, Text book fee (JK and SK), Drawing journals (JK and SK),
Yearbook & DVD, Lunch Fee, Graduation materials

Shirokane Campus Classes

Preschool :

2 & 3 years old

In the preschool, your child will mostly likely be away from the family for the first time, and we take this opportunity to introduce your child to personal responsibility. Autonomy is an integral part of our program and we strive to make this transition comfortable for both the child and the parents. As the child learns these basics, they will also be introduced to the alphabet, numbers, colors, new vocabulary, music, stories, and arts and crafts. They will also engage in various activities, specifically designed to develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory awareness, cognitive development, creativity, music and movement ability.

Pre Kindergarten :

3 & 4 years old

Once the children finish their first year of preschool, they are ready for new challenges and stimulation. This year will introduce for the first time a mild focus on academic performance, which will prepare them for the Junior and Senior Kindergarten years.
In the Pre-Kinder classroom, children still have not perfected all the basics like toilet training, eating properly, and speaking English. We continue to provide support for them to master these areas, but in addition, the children have a few more expectations.
They will express their feelings through words, share ideas with the
class, and learn academic building blocks like letter and number
recognition, and writing for the first time.

Junior & Senior Kindergarten:

4 ~ 6 Years old

These two years are crucial to the childʼs preparation for elementary school. Not only do we provide the necessary academic tools like math, reading, writing, and science, but we mentally and emotionally prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. Social development is essential to a childʼs overall success in school and in life.
By this age, the children can start to reason, understand consequences, and predict outcomes for the first time. This is why we find it so important to spend time correcting behavior, teaching values, and guiding the children in their self expression.
Lessons like sharing and empathy for others go in tandem with the academic lessons, as the kids learn to work with one another to achieve common goals. As the students navigate through life, the lessons they learn in this year will prove to be essential to their success.

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If you cannot apply either by online or by printed download form
please let us know so we can send by mail.
*TEL 046-855-5112

*All applications are handled at Headquarter at Hayama International School.
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5 Day Trial
5 Day Trial
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Only limited space available

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