Summer School 2019

Welcome to Hayama International Summer School 2019!!

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Grab your smocks, your brushes, some paints and your inspiration- Hayama International School is getting artsy!
Join us this summer as we learn about some of the most famous creative artistic types around.

“Little Artists”

Summer School Themes

Session1:Vincent Van Gogh

Up first, we’ll tackle Vincent Van Gogh. You’ll be amazed at the rich colors and different techniques and materials we use to make our final products!

*We stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
Thank you for your applications!

Session2:Andy Warhol

Nobody made art POP like Andy Warhol! Warhol gained popularity for crazy bright colors, simple paintings of everyday items, and his interesting takes on self portraits.We’ll put our own unique Hayama flair on Warhol this week and bring home a one-of-a- kind work of pop art!

*We stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
Thank you for your applications!

Session3:Jackson Pollock

Look out- things are about to get messy! Jackson Pollock is our featured artist this week, and he gained popularity for his crazy and fun style of splatter painting. Pollock favored bright, crazy, chaotic paintings on a solid background. Since we’re no strangers to fun and chaos here at Hayama, we’ll surely have a blast making an absolute mess of our canvases all in the name of art!

*We stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
Thank you for your applications!

Session4:Pablo Picasso

This week, we’re taking on an artist who created a whole new way to paint faces- Pablo Picasso. Picasso is probably most famous for his use of shapes in silly ways in his portraits, as well as moving body parts all around. We’re sure to have a lot of fun mish- mashing shapes and sizes to create something beautiful, as well as unforgettable.

*We stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
Thank you for your applications!

Session5:Kiyoshi Yamashita

This week, we’ll learn about an artist from right here in Japan! Kiyoshi Yamashita grew in popularity for his stunning artwork made by using bits of torn paper he would cut down and make into beautiful scenes on the canvas. We’ll put our tiny (and not-so-tiny) fingers to work this week to cut, rip, and shred paper into a portrait of our own!

*We stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
Thank you for your applications!


For our final week together this summer session at Hayama, we’re taking on one of the most famous artists in history! We definitely saved the best for last, because Michelangelo was not only a painter; he also sculpted, created structures as an architect and wrote poetry. We’ll have a lot to choose from for our final project, and as we reflect on our time together. We hope you had fun following along with us as we explored our creative sides these last six weeks! If you enjoyed your time with us, and want to spend some more, please contact the office for more information regarding our fall term.

*We stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
Thank you for your applications!


Schedule (Weekly Theme)

Session1: 7/22-7/26 'Vincent Van Gogh'
Session2: 7/29-8/2 'Andy Warhol'
Session3: 8/5-8/9 'Jackson Pollock'
Session4: 8/12-8/16 'Pablo Picasso'
Session5: 8/19-8/23 'Kiyoshi Yamashita'
Session6: 8/26-8/30 'Michelangelo'


¥38,000 / 1session
✳︎This fee includes the session fee, material fees and facility fees.

School Bus (Optional)

2,000 or 3,000 yen/ per week
From Shirokane Campus ¥10,000
Yokosuka base, Ikego Base, Hayama, Zushi, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Yamate and Minatomirai area.

Lunch (Optional)

2,000yen(Kinder) or 2,400yen(Elementary) / 1session
This is optional.
Children may bring their own lunch or order the school lunch.


3 years old ~ 12 years old

Route ¥2,000 Hayama Zushi Yokosuka Kamakura Yokosuka (長坂・萩野・長井・武・平作・小矢部・池上・坂本・ 汐見台・鶴が丘・林・阿部倉・太田和・金谷・衣笠栄町・ 衣笠・平和台・逸見が丘・望洋台・御幸浜・山科台・山中町) Kamakura (材木座・大町・雪ノ下・JR鎌倉駅・十二所・浄明寺・二階堂)
Route ¥3,000 Kamakura Fujisawa Kanazawa-ku Yokosuka Others Others
Route ¥10,000 From Shirokane Campus

(For Shirogane Bus Student Only)

ONLY for students who are using Shirokane Bus, you can take early daycare and after daycare at Shirokane Branch. If you want to know more information, please contact Hayama Branch(046-855-5112). ※You need to pay your Daycare fee at Shirokane Branch by Credit Card. (No cash)

After care

15:00-18:30 ¥750/30min * There is no custody after 18:30. Please note that there is a penalty for pick up after 18:30.


9:00-9:30 Arrival
9:30-10:00 Welcome and Morning Activities
10:00-10:30 Morning Assembly
10:30-12:00 Indoor or Outdoor Activities for the day, Imaginative Arts & Crafts
12:00-13:00 Lunch & Afternoon Recess
13:00-14:00 Indoor or Outdoor Activities for the day
14:00-14:30 Story time
14:30-15:00 Dismissal

What Should I Bring to Summer School

Application Procedures


Please sign up through our Website. If your child has allergies, please let us know the details. Please be careful when you input your child’s birthday. In addition, if you wish to get off the bus at another spot, please fill in your request in the comment section. To avoid confusion, please understand that it is not possible to change the place of Bus Pick up / Drop off for specific days. (Only one bus stop for the session.)


Please transfer the Tuition & Extend Stay fee to the school’s account below.

Bank of Yokohama Hayama Branch Checking Account: 1178855 Hayama International School


After transfer is completed, please write the transfer date and transfer name in the application confirmation email you sent at 2., please reply with your child’s name as the subject of the email.


1 Application, 2 Transfer of Tuition & Extend Stay fee, 3 Reply mail, As soon as this 123 confirmation is received, we will send you a final confirmation email from the school and the application procedure will be completed.

Depending on the session a class may soon reach capacity. As soon as we reach the capacity, we will terminate the reception of that session, so please confirm to the school in advance when you want to apply.